The JennaJackPack Project

The JennaJackPack Project (JJPP) aims to provide an effective and tangible way to comfort children – those affected by a loss of a parent or sibling – as well as their peers.

JJPP partners with schools, youth groups, and local communities, to create and JenaJackPacks to youth coping with the devastating loss of a loved one.  JennaJackPacks are filled with snacks, toys, and other fun treats that provide comfort to grief-stricken children.  These small, but meaningful gestures are mutually beneficial.  When children in mourning open up their JennaJackPack, it’s like getting a reassuring hug.  In return, young people who participate in the JJPP experience the healing power of empathy, and recognize the positive difference they can make in service to others.

To learn more about the JennaJackPack Project and how to get involved, please click here.