Why Participate?

Your participation in the JennaJackPack Project provides numerous benefits to family members, friends, schools, neighbors and communities dealing with the loss of a child or parent.

Community Service Opportunity

The JennaJackPack Project is a straightforward and easy way to engage students in an important and meaningful project that benefits the entire community.

Investment in our Children

Research shows that children who volunteer with a service project like the JJPP are more likely to have positive academic, psychological, and occupational well-being. They develop a strong work ethic and continue to volunteer as adults.

Build Confidence & Compassion

The JJPP encourages a greater respect and empathy for others, especially at a time of great loss.

Develop Team Building & Leadership Skills

The JJPP is a fun, team building venture that builds camaraderie and leadership skills.

Pay it Forward

The JJPP allows kids to make a difference in the lives of their peers– communicating with and caring for kids at a time when they are most vulnerable.

To learn how to participate in the JennaJackPackProjecct, please click here.