How it Works

The JennaJackPack Project (JJPP) is a school-based mutual aid fund to support the creation and delivery of JennaJackPacks to children in
pre-school to eighth grade who are coping with the loss of a sibling or parent. In addition, JJPP helps fund school-based support and community services, such as crisis and bereavement programs.

The JJPP works differently in each school, depending on policies and procedures in place. Here’s how you can get JJPP started in your school.

Start with an Advisor, Club or Organization to lead the project

The “JJPP School Team” usually consists of a group of students working with a school advisor. The JJPP school team works directly with us at the JJPP, to plan and organize how the JJPP will be implemented at school.

  • The JJPP takes place in each school sometime between January and June.
  • Students plan activities to encourage empathy among school-aged children, and raise funds to support the mission of the JJPP.  

Create a Plan of Action

  • Encouraging empathy and raising  money should be fun!
    • Determine how much time your school wants to dedicate to the JJPP.  Some schools organize the JJPP for one day, one week or more. 
    • Lessons and messages about the importance of being empathetic should be prominent during the JJPP campaign.
    • JJPP is a kid-driven enterprise.  Activities designed to raise funds to support the mission of the JJPP should be engaging and fun. Schools have organized dances, penny wars, bake sales, and more. 

Create your JJPP Piggybank

  • We encourage each school to design their very own JJPP piggybank to collect their donations.
  • When the JJPP piggybank is completed, share a picture of your bank with us and post it on all your favorite social media sites.

Gear Up & Get Ready!

  • Hang JJPP posters around school
  • Spread the word by telling your family, friends and social media network about the JJPP and how you are caring for a child in your community who is coping with a devastating loss. 

Track Your Progress!

  • Engage your school community in the JJPP – sharing information and messaging about empathy!
  • Keep a running total of your contributions.
  • Tell your friends about your success on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and more!

Get Started Today!

For more information or to get involved with the JennaJackPack Project, please reach out to us on our Contact Page.