How it Works

The JennaJackPack Project (JJPP) is a school-based mutual aid fund to support the creation and delivery of JennaJackPacks to children in grades K-8 experiencing a loss, as well as to help fund school-based support and community services. The JJPP works differently in each school, depending on policies and procedures in place.

Here’s how you can get JJPP started in your school.

Start with an Advisor, Club or Organization to lead the project

The “JJPP advisor” works directly with the JJPP, which provides the necessary materials to get started, including information about the project, posters, and other displays.

Engage Eighth Graders

  • From January to June, each eighth grade student agrees to donate to the JJP piggybank.
  • The money is donated to the JennaJackPack Project’s mutual aid fund, which supplies JennaJackPacks to schools when needed, in addition to information and other forms of support for children, their families, and schools.

Create a Plan of Action

  • Each eighth grade homeroom class discusses the importance and impact of the JJPP and decides how they want to participate.
  • Raising  money is easy and fun!  Which strategy works best for your school?
    • Each eighth grade student can contribute $16 in one donation any time between January 31 and June 1, or…
    • Everyone in your class can set aside $1 per week and donate it to your JJPP piggybank fund each week, every few weeks or at the end of the 16 weeks.
  • Want to contribute more?
    • Team up with a group of friends and raise as much as you can each week, or make a class contribution by raising money with your homeroom classmates by hosting bake sales, organizing a mini-walkathon and more. Get creative!

Create your JJPP Piggybank

  • Each school’s eighth grade class will design their very own JJPP piggybank to collect their donations.
  • We encourage each school to be as creative as possible in creating a JJPPP piggybank that has meaning to them.
  • When the JJPP piggybank is completed, share a picture of your bank with us and post it on all your favorite social media sites.

Gear Up & Get Ready!

  • Hang the JJPP posters around school
  • Spread the word by telling your family, friends and social media network about the JJPP and how you are caring for kids in your community!

Track Your Progress!

  • Keep a running total of your contributions.
  • Tell your friends about your success on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and more!

Get Started Today!

For more information or to get your school involved with the JennaJackPack Project, please reach out to us on our Contact Page.